Tame Complexity

The world is more interdependent than ever before. We help you gain a new perspective on your complex situation and develop new ways of influencing the outcomes. We help you increase your organization’s creativity and adaptability to turn complexity into a competitive advantage.

Organization Network Analysis. We use proven research methods to gather data on your organization’s social network. Using intuitive graphs and key metrics we help you understand the patterns of interaction and how you might influence the networks to encourage positive outcomes to emerge.

Strategic Learning. We go beyond traditional strategic planning and provide methods for you to learn the impact of your intentional strategies, detect emergent strategies, and create probes to take action immediately. We emphasize reflection and learning so that you move beyond planning and thinking to taking action to create a different future.

Transforming Communication and Connections. We explore patterns of communication within your organization. We provide ways for you to see what connections and interdependencies your communication is creating or not creating. We then work with you to experiment with and develop new patterns of communication that align with your goals.

 Leveraging Diversity. Some organizations have a prevailing dominant logic that discourages others from contributing. This is problematic in a complex environment where any voice may contain the creative idea and the blending of multiple perspectives creates the new product or innovation. We provide methods that help you first become aware of who has a voice and who may be silent and second design methods for encouraging and using multiple perspectives.