Grow Leadership

We see leadership as the everyday acts that create a better social world. Expanding leadership capabilities at all levels in an organization is a fundamental need in a complex world. No longer can we assume that a single good leader at the top will suffice. Through our customized leadership development process, we help people learn and practice the skills to lead themselves, inspire others, encourage diverse perspectives, and thrive in complexity.

Leadership development.  We customize workshops to develop leadership capacity for the real circumstances of your organization. Adults learn best through experience and reflection on issues that matter to them. We tailor our programs on self-leadership, feedback, communicating to get results, managing change, and leading in complexity to help create the leadership capacity you need.

Executive coaching and feedback.  We have experienced coaches who work with executives and change agents to help them become aware of blind spots and create better relationships. We customize and implement feedback processes to enable managers to become more self-aware of their impact on others. We provide on-going coaching services to help contributors at all levels grow and learn.

Team development.   We work with intact work teams to continually enhance their ability to perform well as a team. Sometimes teams fall into unhealthy patterns of interaction, we help them recognize these patterns and attempt new ways of interacting. We coach teams in effective feedback and measurement processes for understanding and meeting customer expectations.

Internal change agent development. We collaborate with internal change agents to create the changes your organization needs. We provide workshops in organizational development to build skills for internal change agents. We transfer our knowledge through on-going mentoring and consultation with internal change agents.