Cultivate Collaboration

From peers in a team to multi-national corporations, collaboration is a force-multiplier for your organization. Our research has shown that collaboration is rooted in common purpose, nurtured in trusting relationships, and necessary to influence complex systems. We help accelerate and broaden collaborative processes within your organization.

Interviews and analysis.  Using questions and techniques tailored to your organization and culture, we listen to what employees have to say about collaboration and other dynamics. Through this we learn about your organization through your own words and stories. We synthesize this information into themes and patterns and report it back to you. This creates a foundation for designing ways to enhance collaboration.

Multi-stakeholder events. A common challenge with collaboration is bringing together the various stakeholders who need each other in order to accomplish a common goal. History and other barriers often exist that inhibit the conversations that contribute to successful collaborations. We help design the nature and sequence of individual and group conversations that enable history to be acknowledged, the future to become shared, and commitment to action.

Organization research. We design research projects to help you learn how collaboration grows or is perhaps stifled in your organization. We encourage engaging contributors from your organization in the action research process. We keep up to date on the latest collaboration and complexity research in organizations. We use organizational models that are both relevant and practical in order to deepen your understanding of the system dynamics at play.