How We Work

It begins with a conversation.

We listen to you to learn about you, your work, and your organization. We listen for descriptions and stories, we ask questions where we are curious. We inquire what you have done in the past and where you hope to see change in the future. Then we offer some next steps that we might try together. Typically these are small steps that further engage us in the on-going conversations with you and those in your organization, as well as enable you to get to know our style and approach.

We differ from other consultants who offer pre-packaged solutions. We collaborate with clients to co-create next steps that build what they have used before combined with fresh and innovative approaches. We believe the clients’ knowledge of their organizations combined with our theory and experience creates practical and innovative actions to improve performance.

We solicit and listen to your feedback and that of others in the organization to continually adapt our services and next steps.. We believe that thought combined with action combined with reflection enables continuing spirals of development. Too much thought without action means status quo, too much action without reflection keeps people busy but may not achieve results.

We bring knowledge based on our research as social scientists and experience from our combined forty plus years in a large government organization. We commit to co-create positive change that is sustainable after we complete our contract with the client.