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What we are not going to talk about


The leader, very facilitative by nature, welcomes everyone to the conference room. She reminds everyone how this meeting was proposed and that the topic at hand is to understand the “goods” and “bads” of something that has happened in order to learn. She then explains … “What we can talk about is what happened on project X. What we’re not going to talk about is Y and we’re also not going to do is critique the individual who has left the organization that was on project X. This isn’t about Mr. A.”


 Quizzical looks, a few tentatively raised hands.  She calls on one. “So just to be clear what can we talk about again?” 

“In general terms we can talk about X”, was the response. 

Another raised hand, “So we can’t talk directly about B then?” 

“Well yes if that applies we can talk about B, we just don’t want to bash A”, was the response.

Another raised hand, “So I’m not sure what I’m supposed to talk about now.”

Another comment, “I think we might need to talk about things more broadly than just X”.